Magic Jump Now Has Warranties That Can’t Be Beat!

Magic Jump is the leading manufacturer of high-quality inflatable attractions.  All of their product is MadeinUSAentirely “Made in the USA” where quality and safety standards are high, substantially higher than anything produced out of China.

Not only does Magic Jump make the HIGHEST-QUALITY inflatables in the business, they also have the BEST WARRANTIES. You won’t find a better/longer warranty offered by any of their competitors.

Magic Jump recently extended all their warranties on new items sold:

A.  All Dry Inflatables (excluding indoor center ones) are now covered for 3 years (instead of 2 years).

B.  All Water Ride Inflatables are now covered for 1-1/2 years (instead of 1 year).

C.  All inflatables used in Indoor Centers are now covered for 1 year (instead of not being covered).

D.  All inflatables used in Indoor Centers and manufactured with Indoor Party Center (IPC) quality are now covered for 2 years (instead of 1 year).

E.  All inflatables used in Indoor Centers and manufactured with Indoor Party Center (IPC) quality and DuraBounce™ fabric are covered for 3 years.

For more information on Magic Jump’s warranties, visit




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Magic Jump’s New DuraBounce Is The Most Durable Fabric in the Inflatable Industry!

At IAAPA Expo 2017, Magic Jump just announced the launch of their all-new “super premium” fabric called DuraBounce. It’s the “most durable” fabric in the inflatable industry.

Since a typical Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is open 5 to 7 days per week for 10 hours per day, their inflatables undergo very heavy traffic which reduces their product life expectancy considerably.

Magic Jump offers two FEC Solutions to this problem:
1. Magic Jump developed their own line of Indoor Party Center (IPC) Inflatables, specially made for high-traffic use in FECs. These IPC inflatables are reinforced with double-layered vinyl in high areas of wear & tear.

2. Magic Jump is introducing DuraBounce, a new “super premium” fabric that will add a higher level of durability to Magic Jump’s IPC inflatables and further extend their product life expectancy.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.20.59 PMStarting December 1, 2017, FECs can order Magic Jump’s IPC Inflatables with DuraBounce fabric either on our website ( or over the phone (toll free) at 877.847.1313.
Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.23.07 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.23.13 PM

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It’s All In The Details At Magic Jump

At Magic Jump, we make some of the highest-quality inflatable amusement rides in the business! In part, this is because we only use premium materials and expert craftsman (artisans) to make them. Plus, our products are entirely made in the USA where quality and safety standards are higher than other countries. However, our superior product quality is also due to our attention to detail.

At Magic Jump, we wholly subscribe to legendary artist and ultimate Renaissance man Michelangelo’s belief that “Small details make perfection, but perfection is no small detail.” After all, our inflatables are handmade, and we all know that anything handmade is better and more special.  For more information on Magic Jump’s attention to detail, check out the webpage linked here on our special features.


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Magic Jump product featured in new CHIPS Movie

Magic Jump, Inc. and Magic Jump Rentals are proud to be a part of the big screen release of CHIPS based on the 1970s-1980s television series of the same name created by Rick Rosner. This action comedy buddy cop film stars Dax Shepard as Officer Jon Baker and Michael Peña as Frank “Ponch” Poncherello. CHIPS comes to theaters on March 24th.

Around :21 into the trailer here, you can see multiple inflatables manufactured by Magic Jump, Inc. and rented through Magic Jump Rentals that were used for filming in this movie.  As you can see, our product is featured in a chase scene where 2 CHIPS police on motorcycle are chasing someone and basically “hitting the bouncers” at a carnival.

Due to our proximity to major Hollywood studios and our reputation for high-quality product, Magic Jump Inc. and Magic Jump Rentals are the preferred provider for the entertainment industry.


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Magic Jump Products are Made in the USA

“Buy American and hire American” is a mantra that we constantly hear in the press from the Trump Administration. At Magic Jump, we take great pride that our high-quality inflatable products are entirely made in the USA in our factory in Southern California, from the design to the entire manufacturing process. When you buy a Magic Jump inflatable, you are getting a higher-quality product than something from overseas that sells for a cheaper price.   As a result, our inflatables are the better choice because our higher quality translates to a safer and more durable product with a longer-life span. This means Magic Jump products can generate sales revenue for you for more years.

Visit to learn more about our Safety, Quality & Credibility, and Features.

We hope you enjoy this infographic on Why Buy Made in the USA?


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Magic Jump Is Powering A More Sustainable Future!

Magic Jump continues going green! Several years ago, Magic Jump, Inc. made it a goal to become a green manufacturer. This meant analyzing how we conducted business and making eco-friendly adjustments. In 2006, we invested in a large online project that resulted in saving many trees and have greatly reduced the amount of waste Magic Jump, Inc. produces. In 2010, we decided to save more trees by discontinuing our product catalog printing.

In 2017, Magic Jump has re-invested in our business operations by installing solar panels. Aside from the obvious electrical cost savings, our solar installation will have a positive impact on the environment – and our company.

Solar Panel images

Here are some good reasons for converting to solar energy to power your business:

  1. Cut-down electricity bill: Converting our power source to solar energy will cut down our electrical bill, because the electrical usage generated from the sun is free.
  1. Renewable energy source: Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, that will run out one day, but solar power is renewable at absolutely no cost to supply energy infinitely.
  1. Environment friendly: Solar panels harness clean, pure energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce the harmful gases/pollutants responsible for increasing the greenhouse effect (gas emissions) which leads to air pollution and global warming.
  1. Low / no maintenance needed: Solar power systems can generally last 20 – 30 years without major maintenance.

By using solar energy, you can also reduce your carbon footprint and feel good about being a responsible global citizen. As a quality U.S. manufacturer and leader in the inflatable amusement ride industry, Magic Jump used SunPower brand panels which are also made in USA and one of the leaders in the solar panel industry.

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Snow Globe Hotel Makes Top Hotel List

We recently ran into an article by called 21 Amazing Hotels You Need to Visit Before You Die and were fascinated by all the unique and astonishing hotels that exist around the world. One of the hotels that particularly caught our eye was Attrap Reves Hotel in France ( This unique hotel concept is located right outside Marseille, France and was started out by the Attrap’Reves family in February 2010. The open atmosphere inflatable hotel room gives guests an astonishing view of the night sky and the feel of outdoor sleeping with the indoor comfort. Inflatable Snow Globes can be used for so many purposes, besides the ever popular crowd attraction and photo opportunity, the Attrap’Reves family took it to a whole new level with this one of a kind inflatable snow globe hotel. With different styles of hotel rooms ranging from Zen to Love Nature, Attrap Reves gives guests a one of a kind feeling they can’t find anywhere else. Check out the following images of some of the hotel rooms offered by Attrap’Reves.

attrap'reves hotel france

attrap reves hotel

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